A. F. Kay – Divine Apostasy


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A. F. Kay – Divine Apostasy

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Today, Ruwen would finally die for the first time.

Ruwen believes this Ascendancy will herald his rebirth as a powerful Mage. Instead, a spiteful Priest, driven by vengeance, condemns him to a Class deemed worthless. This cruel twist shatters Ruwen’s dreams of vindicating his parents, who disappeared shrouded in scandal and disgrace.

In the rubble of Ruwen’s shattered expectations, a glimmer of hope emerges when his goddess reveals the shocking secret of a mysterious Class. A hidden path that can propel him to a destiny far greater than he ever imagined. But with this divine selection comes peril. Assassins, dispatched by hostile deities, relentlessly pursue him, determined to thwart his potential before it can grow.

Unwittingly, Ruwen finds himself at the epicenter of a celestial conflict, a millennia-old war waged between the gods themselves. Survival hinges on attaining level five, unlocking new spells and abilities crucial for disguising his identity and securing a small degree of safety. To achieve this, he must venture into the Black Pyramid, a dungeon so dangerous even the gods fear it.

Ruwen quickly discovers that his lack of combat skills, a consequence of his misplaced expectations of becoming a Mage, places him at a grave disadvantage. In this brutal environment, he must summon the strength to adapt and learn, transforming his shattered dreams into the foundation of his survival.

As Ruwen battles through challenges and quests, he discovers a destiny that impacts more than his own life. The fate of his new friends, his missing parents, and the world hinges on him successfully rising above his circumstances and embracing this unexpected path.

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