A.J. Foxmoor – Saga of the Soul Dungeon

A.J. Foxmoor – Saga of the Soul Dungeon

Series Rating
4.26 / 5

Series Summary

When Caden dies in an accidental fall, he is merged with a dungeon core in another world. The problem with that? The dungeon core wasn’t dead, and he has share mind-space with it.

And that doesn’t take into account mastering his new abilities well enough to escape from the powerful wizard that is, understandably, leery about allowing a dungeon to escape.

Even after he manages to escape he needs to found and manage a dungeon.

Of course the location he chose might have a few issues of its own.

He is on the border of two human nations who are not particularly pleased to share.

A sentient plant race claims the dungeon as sacred ground.

And, amidst the chaos, teams of adventurers just want to make a living and figure out how to deal with the latest challenge.

Just so readers know, Caden is not a murder-hobo. He is a genuinely nice person trying to make the best of his situation. If you want a main character that revels in killing people, this is not the book for you.

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