Aaron Oster – End of the World


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Aaron Oster – End of the World

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Seventy years ago, the world ended in chaos.

Portals appeared on Earth, forcing everyone to make a choice: Enter or die. However, if they managed to survive through all twelve planets in the system, they would be allowed to return home. Humanity fought bitterly and, in the end, succeeded, but the cost was high.

Nate lost everyone he’s cared about, and after stepping through the final portal, he makes a shocking discovery. Earth is part of the system and what’s left of humanity is too weak to go home. Returning to the scene of the battle, Nate finds the unexpected–a new portal. A single step takes him back in time, to the day when the end of the world began.

Given the chance to fix the mistakes of his past, Nate will do all he can to ensure that humanity–and more importantly, his family–is strong enough to survive this time around. Manipulating events won’t be easy. Knowledge is power but, more importantly, in the System of Twelve, power is power.

Rewriting history was never on Nate’s to-do list, but seeing as he’s the only viable candidate, he’ll give it his best shot or die trying.

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