AbyssRaven – A Dragon Idol’s Reincarnation Tale


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AbyssRaven – A Dragon Idol’s Reincarnation Tale

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio 3 Book(s)

A new world. A new primal form. Survival of the fittest reigns supreme!

If waking up in a new world isn’t bad enough, Hestia starts her new life as a small, newborn dragon in a hostile forest filled with vicious monsters. With status screens obscuring her vision, her first task is to escape two hungry kobolds wanting some grilled lizard for breakfast.

Equipped with fragmented memories from her past life and the game-like mechanics of her new reality, Hestia must face trials, beasts, bosses and more as she grows in size and power.

She is determined to find civilization. For nothing will stop her from fulfilling her one true desire: to become an Idol.

Female NarratorEbookKindle UnlimitedPaperbackAudio Book Reincarnation (Non-Human)DragonsIsekai/TransmigrationReincarnation Lead Female First Person

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