Actus – Shattered System

Actus – Shattered System

Series Rating
4.25 / 5

Series Summary

A ruthless tactician. A pantheon of traitor gods. A quest for revenge.

The Gods were believed to be immortal. To exist so far outside the natural laws of the universe that their crimes were unpunishable. Countless had tried to break free of their rule, but all were left broken.

A clock hung over the head of every mortal, counting down from their birth to the inescapable day that the Goddess of Death claimed them.

Knell Coda was never born. He came into the world outside the reaches of the gods, to a family who had committed the cardinal sin of defying their rule. Had they left him alone, perhaps the world would have remained as it was.

Instead, their meddling wound the hands on a new clock – one that hung above the heads of the gods rather than mortals. Because of their blunder, Knell learns the one secret that they desperately wanted to keep.

The Gods can be tricked. They can be defeated. They can die.

To most, seeking the head of a goddess would be the actions of a madman. To Knell, it is an inevitability. Together with his loyal crew, he will use his deadly cunning and grow strong enough to claim his revenge – no matter the cost.

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