Adam Elliott – Blue Hills


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Adam Elliott – Blue Hills

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written 1 Book(s)

For fans of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon sprinkled with an exciting bit of LitRPG and Isekai comes Blue Hills!

Nothing had ever felt quite right for Alexander Adamson. He’d worked his way up to a job he could tolerate, a few casual friends, and even a nice little apartment that he could call his own, though it really wasn’t. The problem was that none of it was satisfying. It was as though he were going through the motions of a life, rather than having one of his own.

Of course, it didn’t exactly feel right when he woke up in a strange bed in the middle of nowhere. Nor when he was told that he was now the proud owner and operator of a local farm. A farm that had belonged to a late uncle he’d never known.

But with the first train out of town a full ‘season’ away, he had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Plenty of time, perhaps, to even get to like the strange little town of Blue Hills.

EbookKindle Unlimited Rural Location    ProfessionFarmingIsekai/Transmigration Lead Male Third Person

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