Adam Sampson – The Mage of Shimmer Mountain

Adam Sampson – The Mage of Shimmer Mountain

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The day after Hugo gains access to magic, his train explodes.

Unknown magic flings him back in time, and he narrowly avoids death this time. While he is trying to unravel the mystery of this unexpected second chance, life goes on. His new gifts lead him to the magic academy. At the school, he will face off against noble students that don’t want him to be there, teachers that expect him to already know everything, and literal monsters that want to kill him.

To survive and thrive he will need weapons, friends, and a healthy danger sense. But first, he has to pick which magic domain suits him best.


756 pages of Manapunk – Magic School – Crafting Style Magic – LitRPG – Time Loop featuring slice of life and slow buildup of power.

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