Aero Revian – My Necromancer Class

Aero Revian – My Necromancer Class

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4.26 / 5

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The mage hunters, the heavily armored elites of the Astratan royals are tasked to deal with the, let’s say, undesirable types.
Every so often, a variant arises; One who gains a magic class so powerful it could threaten the very foundations of the kingdom.
Other than killing, there was only one way to stop a variant: through suppression. And so, a legendary hexamist constructed a network of magic conduits.
When someone touches these conduits, they receive their magical class – however, these same conduits also suppress any ‘unwanted’ powers from arising.

Yet there were always some who slipped through the cracks.

“Status,” Thought Jay, checking his class.
[Necromancer – Level 1]
Through plotting, secrecy, and sometimes by merciless carnage, he can only attempt to survive in this hostile world. Join Jay as he struggles against all odds and misfortune, against a world that wants him dead, as he secretly rises and bends this world to his will.

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