Alex Raizman – Tamer Of The Beasts

Alex Raizman – Tamer Of The Beasts

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4.06 / 5

Series Summary

Two suns, foreign plants, and a whole slew of monsters to tame.

Amateur entomologist and reluctant Life Scout, Caleb finds far more than he expected when he stumbles through a hidden cave and into a new world full of Kritt – monsters that can be tamed and taught to fight. He also didn’t expect evil overlords and their minions looking to use the power of Kritt to grind this world under their bootheel.

Unless someone stops them, that is.

Once meeting Antoinette, an affectionate ant Kritt that bonds with Caleb, and Karla, a tamer of this world that’s living off the land and preparing to strike back against the Darkholds, they set off. Their goal? Help free the people of this world from the Overseer’s grasp. A mountain’s worth of threats stand in their way, though: the Overseer’s soldiers, terrible abominations, wild Kritt, and all the trouble Caleb’s sarcastic mouth can cause.

Welcome, Caleb, to the world of Kritt. Now evolve – or perish.

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