Alex Raizman – The Mimic Dungeon


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Alex Raizman – The Mimic Dungeon

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It’s not easy being a house that eats people.

Zaria was just a normal woman, living a simple life – until demons burst through her door and ate her heart. Reborn from tragedy, Zaria rises from the ashes as a Core, but with a twist. A rare mutation has turned her into a Mutant Core, destined to explode unless she forms a bond with a human witch to become a Striga.

Her mutation? Legs.

With the power of a full dungeon compressed into a walking house that is her body, Zaria sets out on a journey to find her Striga and avoid detonation. Along the way, she battles demons, builds her dungeon, and feeds her mimic mobs.

This is not the life she once knew, but it’s the one she’s determined to make work, no matter who she has to walk through to get there.

This book includes people that get devoured and language your grandmother wouldn’t like.

Female NarratorEbookKindle UnlimitedAudio Book Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Dungeon Core Lead Female Magic General AbilitiesDungeon Core Abilities Ruthless Moderate Progression Third Person Fast Paced Solo Focus Light Stats

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