Alexander Olson aka Salk’s Disciple – Ends of Magic


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Alexander Olson aka Salk’s Disciple – Ends of Magic

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio Mature Content 2 Book(s)

Nathan Lark wished for magic at every birthday until his teens. When he’s summoned to a fantasy world by an Archmage eager to discuss Earth’s technology, Nathan can finally stop worrying about his dissertation in stem cell biology.

Unfortunately, that’s because his problems are bigger now. In a world where magic is the tool of the oppressor, Nathan needs to make a choice. Magic, or morality? And once he’s chosen, will he try to survive the world of Davrar, or change it?

Ends of Magic is a high fantasy story where Magic is the source of great evil and great wonder. Follow Nathan as he tries to find a place in an inhospitable world with a deep history and interesting people. He will make friends and enemies, exploring a world that does not work like ours.

EbookMale NarratorKindle UnlimitedPaperbackAudio Book Rural Location    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Guns/Modern WeaponryIsekai/TransmigrationMagitechStrong to Stronger BisexualLead MaleLGBT+ Melee General AbilitiesWarrior/barbarianCheat Power AnaliticalWitty / Humorous Heavy Progression Third Person Medium Paced Light Stats

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