Andrew B. Salmon – The Glass Mage

Andrew B. Salmon – The Glass Mage

Series Rating
3.89 / 5

Series Summary

Nuri Shahi, magical glassblower and dreamer extraordinaire, is pursuing the pinnacle of his craft.

Impulsive and resourceful, he’s just as likely to create glass masterpieces as he is to explore treacherous Rifts or drag his friends into crazy schemes. Nuri treads the fine line between madman and visionary, determined to prove that Glassmaker is a viable path to becoming a superior Mage.

What to expect:

– Realistic glassblowing and lampwork

– Unconventional solutions and applications of glass

– Delving into lost and dangerous places

– Exploration of magic and intent

– Slow burn, non-linear progression: no shortcuts

– Growth from immaturity to responsibility

– Not grimdark, but dark moments

– Lots of light-hearted fun, too

– Crafting, crafting, and more crafting!

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