Arawn Dragon – Monsters in Another World

Arawn Dragon – Monsters in Another World

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Series Summary

A hero summoning circle. An inevitable death. A magical contract.

When a dimensional portal opened and an army of monsters invaded Earth, Kalysto Luna’s life was turned upside down.

Awakening with magic, and zero mana, a violet-colored window appeared before her:

[Do you want to survive?]

But survival means so much more than she could’ve predicted. In enemy territory, Kalysto will discover what she can do as a dual-system user.

And what she was meant to become.

She thought that going to another world would be safer. She was wrong. 


“Adapt, fight, level up, and survive. But rely only on yourself.”

What to expect:

Weak to OP MC

Dual system

Slow-paced mixed with action scenes

Isekai, LitRPG, Progression


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