ARGAS – Maiden Of The Splitting Moon


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ARGAS – Maiden Of The Splitting Moon

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - Written Mature Content 10 Book(s)

Born from tragedy, she wields a blade of death, shining under the moonlight. Each swing takes hundreds of lives, each step leaves a trail of corpses, every move capable of dividing the stars. Her journey is not for the faint of heart as it is a solitary path drenched in blood. But only on this road will she will heal from the scars of the past.

Webnovel.comWeb Novel Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Eastern CultivationCultivationMartial ArtsWuxia / Xianxia Lead Female Melee General AbilitiesSword & Shield Has Familiar/PetsYoung Moderate Progression Third Person Medium Paced Solo Focus No Stats

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