aWildAsianNamedDucky – Trials Of The Nekomancer!


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aWildAsianNamedDucky – Trials Of The Nekomancer!

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature Content 1 Book(s)

[An Isekai regression LITRPG filled with tower climbing, Cats, battlemaids, and skeletons! (You’ve been warned.)]

The Abyssal Tower. An ever expanding dungeon where those chosen by the gods are sent to undergo tests to earn their patron’s favor. Here they are promised riches, skills, and legendary artifacts. Six divines, six factions, each that compete with warriors from all across the realm. Yet what happens when an unknown seventh god comes out of retirement?

Meet Adam Glow, a down on his luck and prosecuted necromancer with dreams of a utopia. After a series of unfortunate events, Adam finds himself and his cat, Schrödinger, cornered by the dastardly forces of the Empire.

With his mana depleted, no escape route and being relentlessly hounded by the forces of inquisition, Adam makes a last ditched attempt to save himself and Schrodinger by activating a mysterious relic, resulting in an adventure of cataclysmic proportions.

Join Adam as he navigates an alien land, raises an army of the damned, and undergoes trials in search of his beloved feline friend, all while contending with being regressed into a cat-like humanoid and dealing with the shenanigans of an aging god hellbent on its own final rest.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Lead Male Magic General AbilitiesUnique ClassNecromancer Has Familiar/Pets Moderate Progression Third Person Medium Paced Mixed Solo/Party Light Stats

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