Benjamin Barreth – Space Dragons in Battle Mechs


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Benjamin Barreth – Space Dragons in Battle Mechs

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - Written 1 Book(s)

Being a space dragon has its challenges.

Especially when you can’t fly. The storms of ether wind can rip you right off the asteroid you call home, hurling you into space to never be seen again.

Firen tries to make the most of it, raising his daughter, Tarly, as best he can. But opportunities are scarce when you’re a lowly ice miner on the outer belt. His future is pitifully bleak: grinding out his centuries in a nameless town on a dark rock, hoping his home survives the next meteor strike.

One fateful day, strange refugees from a distant system plunge their lives into chaos. An indomitable threat approaches. Will anything survive?

EbookKindle UnlimitedPaperback Grimdark   Sci-fi    Space    Modern Era    DragonsMechaRomanceScience Lead Male Has Familiar/PetsMultiple Lead Characters Light Progression Third Person Fast Paced Solo Focus Light Stats Intimacy

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