Dosvidaniya – The Assassin at the Academy

On a world where humans gain skills and reset them to advance, the Gods grant abilities to aid them. And in this world, a young assassin prodige named Riley pursues the dream of learning magic from the Royal Academy rather than becoming an assassin. Can Riley keep that dream? What will the young nobles do when they learn there is an assassin in their midst? And how will those choices impact their kingdom? Quotes: This is the story of one of my beauties ending a king’s reign while looking fabulous! Black and brooding is overrated! ~ Goddess of Beauty. This...

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Flammette – The Grind of Getting Close

An 18-year-old guy named Noah wakes up in only his underwear in a bizarre and dangerous fantasy world. His only assets that help him survive are the fact that in this new world he can gain levels like a video game, and the fact that some of the locals are helpful and nice. Noah, being young, falls quickly in love with one local who is *very* nice, if you know what I mean.

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Kel Kade – King’s Dark Tidings

Raised and trained in seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai, a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that he knows. With no understanding of his life’s purpose and armed with masterful weapons mysteriously bestowed upon him by a dead king, Rezkin must travel across Ashai to find the one man who may hold the clues to his very existence. Determined to adhere to his last orders, Rezkin extends his protection to an unlikely assortment of individuals he meets along...

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Grayson Sinclair – Isekai Assassin

Assassins don’t retire, they reincarnate. For nearly all of my life, I trained to become a master assassin, but at the height of my career, it all fell apart. I was betrayed, ambushed, and left bleeding out on the streets of London. Just before my death though, I was offered a choice. Stay and let my life come to a swift and brutal end, or become the personal assassin of a god in another world. It wasn’t a hard decision. But this new world isn’t like the one I left. It operates by a completely different set of rules and...

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Tom Elliot – The Grand Game

One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is as brutal as it is complex. Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself. Dropped into a dungeon of monsters, and strange magics, would you survive in a Game where to lose means death? Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All...

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J.J. Thorn – System Orphans: Claire

Don’t be distracted. Trust the Quest. Kill your target. Ten years ago, the world changed. The System brought dungeons and monsters to earth. Billions were lost. While most try to rebuild, Claire chooses to take revenge on the people who took advantage of orphans in the chaos – one hundred names, one hundred targets. In this often brutal story about a world in chaos, Claire will kill every target on her list. No matter what it takes. Apocalypse Assassin takes the reader through an alternate world where people delve into dungeons to grow stronger, Skills bring magic to life, and...

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Kaz Hunter – Apocalypse Reincarnation

System Reborn: A LitRPG AdventureTen years ago, deep within a rift, a choice was granted.Defeat the Demon King and end the apocalypse.Or take his power for themselves and keep the rifts open.Sloan chose an ending. His party turned against him. They killed him.They split his legacy and belongings amongst themselves.They hid the truth. They profited.Those heroes who betrayed the world. Now he’s back.Reborn. Reincarnated in a world where the system is life.Reborn in a world of rift breaks and monsters spawning while so called heroes control sectors like overlords. Rank by rank he’ll climb….To take back what was stolen from...

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Sortis – Caged Worlds: Breakout AKA Voidwalker

Character is destiny, so they say. From an orphan to a gang leader. From the best assassin of Earth to the biggest enigma of Elisium. Ethan, the boy who one day will be known through all the realms under the vast cosmos, originally, didn’t want any of it. Yet, life never cared about the wants of an individual. Destiny was beyond that. The good thing was, with an AI to help, magic at his command, and stubbornness engraved in his will, he was planning to visit the beyond. Come and see the journey of the void assassin and the necromancer...

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Harmon Cooper – The World According to Dragons

An infamous relic hunter. A legendary dragon. The journey of a lifetime. Twillo lies bleeding out in a volcanic desert. Towering over him is a snarling red wolf, death only seconds away. Right as his vision is going black, a mysterious voice offers Twillo a chance at survival. Do you agree to bind souls? It is the voice of a dragon, one that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years. By agreeing to soulbind with the dragon, Twillo will tie himself to the dragon’s destiny, one of future conflict. He will need to cultivate the highly illegal magic power known...

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Tobias Begley – Journals of Evander Tailer

Evan never thought he was going to be special. As the adopted son of a tailor, he had always expected to manage the shop after his father passed. But when his Aura awakens, he finds himself entering Yesgol Academy of Magic, a place filled with the children of elite mages and nobles, all of whom have had magical education from the time they could walk. Among such prestigious company, Evan will have to learn fast or be left in the dust and in debt. At Yesgol, he studies the arts of enchanting and divination, but all is not as it...

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