Malory – Welcome to the Dark Age

Did you know Merlin was a cultivator who kind of took his eye off the ball? Well, now he’s dead and he’s pressuring me to keep the whole ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’ show on the road. But I don’t know my Qi from a chisel and there’s every chance I’m going to change the history of mankind by stepping on an ant or somesuch timey wimey silliness.

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Oxylus – Manabound

Mana exists and, somehow, seems to have a purpose, beginning with its arrival triggering a cosmic event that burst through numerous realities, bringing upheaval and turmoil to all within its path… Transported from Earth under mysterious circumstances, Sloane and her daughter Gwyn arrived in the world of Eona only to discover they had been separated from each other. Forced to venture on a desperate quest to find one another, mother and daughter each embark on magical adventures, filled with untold wonders and fantastical beings. They undertake their journeys across a continent rife with power struggles, where ancient kingdoms and guilds...

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Travis Bagwell – Tarot

Part of the Awaken Online series Desert sands. Arcane magic. A love lost. Finn Harris should have been the one to die. But he wasn’t – his wife took his place. What was worse, he only had himself and his company to blame. They let their passion outpace their prudence, determined to revolutionize the world. While all innovation comes with a price, he never imagined it would cost him Rachael. Nearly a decade later, Finn is content to hole himself up and wait out the rest of his life – what little he has left. That is, until his daughter...

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Tom Larcombe – Natural Laws Apocalypse

What do you do when the world as you know it changes dramatically with little notice? When the Natural Laws no longer apply in all cases and the only thing to explain why is a “System” that seems to have access to everyone in the world? Marc’s home from college on break, spending his time laughing about some of the crazy news stories he’s found online, and gaming. When a message appears in his line of sight, blocking out absolutely everything else, he nearly freaks out. The message warns that the world has been in a variant Natural Laws beta...

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Alex Kozlowski – Alpha Physics

The end of the world as we know it couldn’t come at a worse time for Adrian. One minute, he’s an operations manager who’s overseeing a construction job in the wilderness. The next, an unknown energy force changes the very nature of life itself, from the smallest organism to the top of the food chain. The earth’s surviving inhabitants, its environment, and the very laws of physics have all undergone fundamental transformations. Many of those changes aren’t pretty. Plenty of them are deadly.

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Dakota Krout – Full Murderhobo

Luke is found to have Potential, barely, but when he steps through the portal to begin his training… he is pulled to a plane that shouldn’t exist. With no class trainer, the possibility of survival is low. Luke decides that he wants to live, and keeping his humanity isn’t going to help. His best chance is going Full Murderhobo.

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