Arthur A. Bramlett – Modern Paladin

Forced to play as a righteous paladin, he’ll have to watch his mouth… and kill orcs. Lot’s of orcs. William Shawcro is an ordinary young man, living an ordinary life, when out of nowhere he finds himself in the body of his long-time character, Archaeus. Constrained by a strict Paladin code, he must navigate this shocking new world of magic all the while questioning whether it’s just a dream. William quickly realizes the life may not be all it’s cracked up to be after facing frightening conflicts and becoming entangled in this new world’s politics. While he is quite overpowered...

3.73 / 5
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C.J. Carella – The Eternal Journey

A Game of Life and Death (Warning: Contains violence as well as adult situations and language) Ben sat down to play a brand-new MMORPG, Eternal Journey Online. Next thing he knew, he had been transformed into his character, first-level Paladin Hawke Lightseeker, and found himself in a corpse-filled cavern complex crawling with monsters and undead. Armed with a sentient sword, Hawke must learn the rules of a reality where magic and power-leveling are as real as swords and knives, and where you only get a limited number of respawns before you die for good. Follow Hawke as he explores the...

4.28 / 5
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Miles English – In Another World

Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight… Unless it has +5 radiant damage. Henry’s life as a valiant defender of the realm is over—stolen away when he is transported to a strange new world. Instead of horses and swords, it has cars, rent, hamburgers, and a gun-toting part-time waitress named Shana. There isn’t much use for a white knight atop a fiery steed… or is there? Thankfully, Henry’s ability to level up and unlock powerful new skills hasn’t abandoned him. In fact, Shana is starting to level up, too. But there’s a catch. Turns out, they’ve caught the attention of...

4.22 / 5
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