Kristoffer Pauly aka Dosei 土星 – Father of Monstrosity

At the age of seven, Jakob is summoned to the sewer kingdom of Helmsgarten by a Fleshcrafter calling himself Grandfather. He is made the depraved man’s apprentice for seven years, until being released upon the civilisation with the vague task of creating the ‘ultimate being’. With the loyal wight, Heskel, by his side, Jakob works his blade and magic upon the people of the metropolis, while steadily growing his knowledge of arcane arts. Along his journey, Jakob creates many monsters and constructs, while dodging the noose of the guards and the Kingdom’s justice. He cavorts with demons and their spawn,...

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Jay Boyce – Rise of the Mystic Mage

Reborn five years in the past. A second chance to do everything over. What would you do? For Ashlyn, being reborn five years in the past is both a boon and a bane. She’s reborn in the wreckage of tragedy, forced to deal with a life that she messed up before. Now, all she has to show for her life is five years of accumulated knowledge in the greatest virtual reality game ever released – Elysium – and the pain of friendships lost. This time, Ashlyn is going to make a difference. This time, she’s going to fix the mistakes...

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Frank D. Goods – Theomancer

An irascible reject from modern society ends up as one of the summoned people in another world after a cataclysmic event rips his original dimension apart, but will the premise of a chance to start over hold up to the reality of how things work? only one way to find out! Follow along Darwin’s adventures while he pioneers his unrecorded class in a whole new world, where colors and willpower are two of the most important things to keep in mind to survive, besides respecting the local Gods (and avoiding stronger pricks that are just waiting for an excuse to...

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J.C. Nelson – Stray Beast Master

In a world where the Classless can only hope to survive and Adventurers have all the power, Kaden Birch traded the chance to change his life in order to save another’s. But when he’s given the opportunity to start work in Beast Control, Kaden find more than he’s ever hoped for. Friends, Skills, and the trail of a lost Class with the power to let Kaden make the new life he’s been waiting for. The only things standing in his way? Adventurers. Poisonous snakes. Cosmic Horrors from beyond this universe, and even worse, city bureaucracy. For a Classless man on...

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Maxime J. Durand – Apocalypse Tamer

Basil Bohen was asleep when the System arrived and the world changed… Dungeons suddenly popped up across the planet, summoning invaders and monsters from alternate realities. Ancient gods slumbering beneath the Earth were woken. And all humans were empowered with Levels and Classes gained by, amongst other things, killing monsters and other humans. Only a single instruction was provided by the System: “Whoever reaches Level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So, a worldwide battle of epic proportions erupted… which Basil would rather sit out. Choosing the [Tamer] profession which allows him to speak with his cat, Plato, and...

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Alix Roche – The Magidex Academy

Ditch the Textbooks, It’s Time for Monster Taming. Simon Grim’s life is about to take an unexpected twist. His destiny? To become a Guardian, someone who protects Earth from the monsters that slip through the cracks between the realms. Accompanied by his best friend Mariana and an eccentric monster companion called Phooka, Simon enrolls at the Magidex Academy. Together, the two friends will master summoning formidable monsters and wielding enchanted weapons, all while navigating classes, parties, and dangerous monster-hunting missions. But power comes at a price, and Simon finds himself on a dangerous path. The Syndicate, a group of misguided...

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C.A. Sharpe – Deckmaster

When the world changed, disaster followed. Mana awakened, causing the planet to grow and give birth to monsters. The survivors got the System. They were given stats, classes, and the ability to fight back. Because of their hard work and struggle, Dylan Thatcher was born into an increasingly stable society. But now, 150 years after the advent of mana, the world is beginning to change again. There’s more mana in the air, the planet is expanding again, and monsters are becoming more aggressive. In the midst of the emerging chaos, it is finally Dylan’s turn to go through the System’s...

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Kerberos – A Summoner Awakens

Essence to gather. Cards to Level. A Summoner’s Deck to build. After the collapse of the known world, Rowan Wilder opened his eyes and found himself on the First Floor of the Tower. With a flawless memory and a mere eight Cards to his name, he must venture out and prepare himself for the coming calamity. In this place of blood and fantasy, Rowan has to not only survive but thrive as he powers his way to the top of the Tower. The Demonic Plague that has twisted the creatures on the upper Floors is the least of his worries...

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JJ Bookerson – Bonded Summoner

Delving dungeons by day, relaxing with cute monster girls at night. When a God of War barged into his apartment, Jake had no idea what to expect… but it wasn’t being forced into a never-ending war against evil invaders, or that the battle would strangely resemble the MMORPG games he loved. Working hard and building himself up from almost nothing, Jake would need every bit of knowledge and preparation to master his new class of Summoner. Joined by a sly Demoness with an ancient past and a shy Valkyrie hoping to prove herself in battle, they’ll find excitement and enjoyment...

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Felix Taylor – Malice of the North

An apprentice healer. An exiled noblewoman. To defy tyranny, they’ll need to even the odds. They’ll need to grow stronger. Every year, the youth of the North are tested for a Reyad—a magical bond with an animal with the potential to grant immense power. Pirin is ripped away from his village, and from his healer’s duty. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll be tested like everyone else. He doesn’t expect anything to come from it. He certainly doesn’t expect to meet Myraden, a noblewoman whose hunt for revenge draws him into a destructive war. Desperate to fulfill his mentor’s dying...

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