EmergencyComplaints – The God Machine

A scrappy young off-worlder fights for his life while searching for his missing family in this thrilling LitRPG fantasy series from the author of Ascendant. When Luke Bennet wakes in a world where time flows differently than it does on Earth, he discovers his family, gone missing over the last year, has been dead for a hundred years here. Left to survive in the wilderness as marmots, murderous goblins, giant spiders, and a two-ton raccoon all try to kill him, Aros’s latest off-worlder must depend on his newly acquired System to help him level up and live to fight another...

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Alexander Olson aka Salk’s Disciple – Ends of Magic

Nathan Lark wished for magic at every birthday until his teens. When he’s summoned to a fantasy world by an Archmage eager to discuss Earth’s technology, Nathan can finally stop worrying about his dissertation in stem cell biology. Unfortunately, that’s because his problems are bigger now. In a world where magic is the tool of the oppressor, Nathan needs to make a choice. Magic, or morality? And once he’s chosen, will he try to survive the world of Davrar, or change it? Ends of Magic is a high fantasy story where Magic is the source of great evil and great...

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John Rickett – Savage Legends

Grum! Defiler of Corpses. Grum! The Butcher of Balor. Grum! The God Stomper. Grum! …Minimum-wage Barista? The vortex. The feeling of being ripped apart. When he’d awoken after the fight with Albatross, he was in this realm. A realm filled with tall buildings and small people, with no way to get home—and nothing to kill to make himself feel better about it. Then he saw it, taped to the window of Tarbean Café: HELP WANTED A quest! In his realm, he’d looted every dungeon, butchered every end-game boss, ravaged the entire map in a crashing wave of blood and glory....

3.92 / 5
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M. Allen Hall – The Voidbringer Campaign

When Valduin is given a quest by his patron, he has no choice but to investigate an evil presence deep within an enchanted forest. With his companions, Rose and Adelaide, he quickly realizes that an invasion of demons and devils is afoot, but to what end? The adventurers must find their way to the heart of the invasion and destroy its leader to satisfy Valduin’s patron. But will that be enough to stop the fiendish plot? Then there are the whispers. Whispers of a power growing within an alien place, the Deep In-Between. Whispers of the Voidbringer. Join three siblings...

4.50 / 5
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Marvin Knight – Paladin of the Sigil

The surface world is a strange place for a young man who grew up in Hell. Darren was just a boy when he and his mother were betrayed by paladins and chased beneath the earth. There, with only his paladin’s sigil and his quests to guide him, Darren grew from boy to man. Born in fire and blood, Hell itself sculpted the perfect paladin. Years later, after a lifetime of fighting demons and battling a world full of nightmares, Darren finally returned to the surface. But the world above ground has just as many trials to face as Hell itself,...

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Plum Parrot – Victor of Tucson

Victor can’t wait to get the hell out of high school, go to the local community college on a sports scholarship, and start his own life. But that’s all put on hold when he enters his abuela’s house and somehow ends up stepping into a world unlike anything he’s ever known, filled with fantastical meta-humans; walking, talking devils; and other creatures one usually needs some serious pharmaceuticals to see. Fanwath is no dream, though. In fact, it’s a nightmare. Sold into slavery as a pit fighter, Victor quickly learns his new home is controlled by the “System” and the only...

4.50 / 5
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Nicholas Searcy – Death: Genesis

Death is only the beginning in this brutal and bloody post-apocalyptic fantasy about humanity’s next phase. In pursuit of his abusive father’s approval, Zeke Blackwood pushed himself to the very pinnacle of his chosen obsession. Since childhood, all he’d ever wanted to do was play baseball, and through hard work, discipline, and no small degree of talent, his goal of reaching the major leagues was finally in sight. But then a horrific car accident ruined his arm, eliminating any hope of a professional baseball career. Consumed by depression, Zeke gave up on his future, preferring to wallow in self-pity. That...

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Martin McKenzie – Fateless

Graeme only wanted a pint. He’d even have taken one of those horrid new strawberry-flavoured beers in a pinch, but it seemed Fate had other plans. Which is strange, because as it turns out, Graeme is possibly the only being in the universe unaffected by the otherwise tangible and divine force of destiny. Immune to its machinations, he is Fateless. So, when he inadvertently disrupts his best friend’s summoning into another world, the Gods offer him a choice. Fix the mistake, or sentence said friend and the world he’s destined to save to a particularly nasty end. Reborn into a...

4.40 / 5
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Stephanie Benamati – Spire Dweller

The 1st floor of the World Spire has been humanity’s home for as long as anyone can remember. With cities and towns scattered across several million square miles, most residents live out their years within protective walls. Simultaneously guarded and oppressed by powerful cultivators—people who can utilize qi to perform superhuman feats—the average citizen learns early on to both respect and fear those that keep the deadly Spirit Beasts away. When Samantha receives a quest notification to become a cultivator herself, she goes against her family’s wishes and leaves the relative safety of her town to complete it. She knows...

4.26 / 5
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Rick Scott – Path of the Berserker

A world destroyed. An axe to grind. And a path to infinite power. Welcome to my reality. When the cultivators came to Earth, they destroyed our entire civilization in a matter of hours. Armies fell, cities burned and that was before the moon turned red and filled our world with monsters. Now, over a decade later, what’s left of humanity slave under the heels of our Qi infused masters. The luckiest of us might even become one of them, they say—if we serve the Dynasty well enough and harness the power of Qi. But I want none of that. I’m...

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