Burt Wrenlaw – Slave-King

Burt Wrenlaw – Slave-King

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4.46 / 5

Series Summary

It’s easy to be a hero when everything goes your way—less so when your soul has been enslaved by an evil goddess and her insane prophet.

Erich is just one of twelve liches bound to servitude, commanding swarms of undead abominations in a genocidal campaign. His magically-enforced goal: to methodically erase humanity from the face of Llusathea.

Failure means unspeakable pain; success means mind-shattering pleasure.

But Erich is not as broken as he pretends to be. Behind the mask of servile acquiescence lurks a mind that remembers what it is to be human—along with the desire to be more than an unthinking tool of destruction.

Now Erich has to make a choice: will he take the easy way out, mindlessly following orders and fully embracing his undead heritage? Or will he fight back despite the odds, risking the wrath of his vindictive masters to preserve a world that abhors him?

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