Buttopia – Learning to Love Time Loops Without Going Insane


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Buttopia – Learning to Love Time Loops Without Going Insane

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature ContentSensitive Content 1 Book(s)

Please try to keep your sanity as you read about talking dogs, aliens, magic and even a trip to Mars.

Cal is just an average deliveryman, doing his best to get through his ordinary life in one piece. However, thanks to a chance meeting when he was a child, he’s doomed to live his life across repeating time loops as he attempts to unravel the secrets behind an alien invasion while trying to determine what caused him to be stuck in time. Along for the ride with him is a mad scientist, a crotchety retiree, Cal’s own father, and Bug, his canine best friend and most loyal companion.

The main loops follow the POV of Cal, while the shorter interludes are little slices of the lives of the other characters, sometimes smaller, sometimes larger.

The LitRPG elements don’t really kick in until loop 23, but there are hints before that.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Sci-fi   Slice of Life    Urban Location    Modern Era    Monster GirlsTime Loop Lead Male Magic General Abilities Moderate Progression Third Person Party Focus Light Stats

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