C.A. Sharpe – Deckmaster

C.A. Sharpe – Deckmaster

Series Rating
4.14 / 5

Series Summary

When the world changed, disaster followed.

Mana awakened, causing the planet to grow and give birth to monsters.

The survivors got the System. They were given stats, classes, and the ability to fight back.

Because of their hard work and struggle, Dylan Thatcher was born into an increasingly stable society. But now, 150 years after the advent of mana, the world is beginning to change again.

There’s more mana in the air, the planet is expanding again, and monsters are becoming more aggressive.

In the midst of the emerging chaos, it is finally Dylan’s turn to go through the System’s Tutorial and receive his class. It’s one he’s never seen before and doesn’t quite understand.


Where other’s use swords and magic, Dylan only has his cards to fight. He must constantly play a game, juggling spells and summoned creatures, to stay alive.

In the increasingly dangerous world around him, will it be enough?

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