Calvin Moretti – The Lord of Famine

Calvin Moretti – The Lord of Famine

Series Rating
3.67 / 5

Series Summary
The disappearance of the fiendish lantern. The opening of the otherworldly great tomb. Four horsemen of the apocalypse are born.
The vile artifact, the fiendish lantern, fell in the hand of a frail troll, Tuskless. Genius Artists of the magic academy were looking for it in order to reach the great Astralist realm, and they would slaughter any non-humans in order to take it back.Burnt by ambition, Tuskless kept the vile artifact for himself. He wanted to change himself and stand among the rank of Astralists. He would reach his goal even if he had to take advantage of an evil tool. Unbeknownst to him, he set up the apocalyptic path, the path that led to the end of the world.

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