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CasualFarmer – Beware of Chicken

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio Mature ContentSensitive Content 3 Book(s)

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator. A man powerful enough to defy the heavens. A master of martial arts. A lord of spiritual power. Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck in his body.

Arrogant Masters? Heavenly Tribulations? All that violence and bloodshed? Yeah, no thanks. I’m getting out of here.

Farm life sounds pretty great. Tilling a field by hand is fun when you’ve got the strength of ten men—though maybe I shouldn’t have fed those Spirit Herbs to my pet rooster. I’m not used to seeing a chicken move with such grace . . . but Qi makes everything kind of wonky, so it’s probably fine.

Instead of a lifetime of battle, my biggest concerns are building a house, the size of my harvest, and the way the girl from the nearby village glares at me when I tease her.

A slow, simple, fulfilling life in a place where nothing exciting or out of the ordinary ever happens . . . right?

EbookKindle UnlimitedMale NarratorAudio Book Comedy   Slice of Life   Wholesome    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    ProfessionReincarnation (Other Person)CultivationFarmingIsekai/TransmigrationMartial ArtsReincarnationRomanceWuxia / Xianxia Lead Male OP (Over Powered) First Person Slow Paced

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