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Christmas Charity Events 2023

Macmillan Cancer Support Throughout December, any books purchased through links on this site will result in £0.03 being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. In order for your purchases to count, you must click an Amazon link on this website and then purchase any Amazon book within 1 hour. Just to confirm, this is not restricted to only books on this site. As long as you click through using a link on this site, then ANY book on Amazon will count, so make sure you visit this site before shopping for your Christmas seaon reading, even if it’s not Progression or...

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Now Introducing XP, Evolutions & Achievements

  Now Introducing XP, Evolutions & Achievements   You can now earn XP and evolution points from completing certain tasks, like Submitting a series, Leaving a review or Filling in missing information and tags. These can then be used to unlock achievements and level up your account. Register for an account today or visit XP, Evolution & Achievements for more information. Currently this system is in beta, please use the contact form to let me know if you are having any difficulties or if something doesn’t appear to be working as intended. Depending on how well this system is recieved,...

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