*Changed the Patreon menu link to display more information on how Patreon donations will be used, as well as including a small ‘site origins’ section and a list of current Patreon subscribers


*Created a new static advanced search page to aid mobile users and to make certain search features easier to select


*Merged Wuxia/Xianxia sub genre tag in to General Progression Fantasy tag
*Merged Dungeon Core sub genre tag in to LitRPG tag
*New tags for Wuxia/Xianxia and Dungeon Core added to series key elements section
*Added exclusion filter for Dungeon Core
*Fixed – Bug causing goodreads/amazon etc links to redirect back to main page


*New sleek design for displaying tags on both front page and in post
*New button style for “Add new tags / report incorrect tags”


*Updated form for suggesting missing or incorrect tags


*Revert back to old style submission form due to submissions not being recieved


*Backend coding to allow different post structures
*New tags to aid with filling in missing information
*New search form to find posts with missing information so community can aid in data entry
*New sub category for non-series blog posts


*New feature – Similar series


*Changed tag structure to allow similar tags to be grouped together
*Tags on front page now changed to drop down text
*Romance moved in to ‘Key Elements’
*New Mature Content options
*Trigger Warnings made to stand out more


*12 new series added
*New submission system implemented to speed uploads
*Book covers decreased in size on front page/filter pages for better aesthetics
*Paperback tag now available as format
*Backend coding change to book covers on front page/filter pages to streamline new series upload


*New Kindle unlimited tag added
*Character tags broken down in to sub categories


*Removed Non-Virtual Reality tag from ‘Story Setting’
*Added exclusion tag for Virtual Reality
*Multiple Lead Characters tag moved to ‘Main Character Tags’
*Added exclusion tag for Multiple Lead Characters
*Added more rating options
*Gender tags moved to ‘Main Character Tags’
*Non-Human tag moved to ‘Main Character Tags’


*4 new series added
*External script created to help track status changes on royal road
*Fixed – Bug causing comments and sidebar to be underlined
*Fixed – Bug causing tags on post page to over stretch


*Fixed – Sort by Highest Average Rating


*Added series ranking to series summary on front page and search results
*Series per page changed to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50


*1 new series added


*Fixed – Broken image links for goodreads
*Removed – Read more button on series excerpt


*24 new series added


*27 new series added
*Fixed – Removed broken links from tags on homepage and series page that didn’t lead anywhere


*Revamp of post layouts in backend. This won’t show much difference now, but means it will be a lot more manageable to make changes or add additional features in the future.
*All old series post now updated to match current layout
*Fixed – Burger menu now working on mobile


*Old rating system removed
*New comment style review system and old reviews transferred across


*Ratings attached to all series and added ability to sort by rating


*8 new series added


*Added Other category for ultra-specific or unconfirmed tags Note these tags are suggested by others and will be unmoderated meaning they may be incorrect
*Adjusted the order and display of the search bar items, to highlight most used categories


*15 new series added


*12 new series added


*9 new series added


*5 new series added


*Fixed – Bug causing search settings to be reset when going back a page


*7 new series added


*11 new series added


*3 new series added
*Theme style update – new list view, creating a less cluttered feel
*Tags on series page now sleeker and less obtrusive
*Removed underline from useful links to fit with new sleeker design
*Colour change for the ‘Update Series Information’ button to make more prominent


*8 new series added
*Submission form options changed to ‘Inline’ for a smoother feel
*Added ‘Solo, Party & Multiple leads’ category
*Added ‘Stats’ Category


*9 new series added


*9 new series added
*Separated exclude tags for Harem & Sexual content
*Refined wording in search form
*Traumatic Content added as tick box to ‘Recommend additional tags’ form
*Removed ‘Series Key Elements’ as a required field when submitting series
*Layout adjustment change for ‘Submit a Series’ form
*Fixed – Radial tick box changed to checkbox on ‘Recommend additional tags’ form, to prevent user having to refresh page if ticked by mistake
*Fixed – bug causing the tag ‘LitRPG (MC’s Real World)’ to remove all of tags within taxonomy. Tag now moved to Story setting as ‘Non-Virtual Reality’


*Better dark theme support – No more white borders on images!


*Refined exclude function for searches

*4 new series added


*5 new series added


*9 new series added
*Possible traumatising content tag added


*Wording refined for sexual content categories to bring in line with new search algorithm
*Added poll system
*Updated search system – Search boxes now displayed as multi select drop down boxes


*3 new series added
*New button to suggest additional tags, mark series as complete & contest incorrect tags
*Simplified tag suggestion form
*Option to mark series as containing Harem/Sexual content, added to tag suggestion form
*Fixed – Issue causing search on mobile to refresh page and force user to scroll to the bottom every time a box was clicked. Page will now only refresh on first box ticked and will auto-scroll to the search box if 2 or more boxes are ticked.


* 4 new series added
*Gender and Non Human split from character tags to allow for more refined search
*Introduction of changelog page
*Further updates to submission form
*Recent posts removed from search bar
*Romance tag added
*Transgender tag added
*Fixed – Removal of rating slider in search due to exclusion of series with no reviews
*Fixed – Removal of reset button due to bug causing less results to appear. Tags can be reset by returning to home page


*New search algorithm allowing for inclusion/exclusion based on checkboxes ticked/not ticked
*Ability for search results to auto-populate as boxes ticked/unticked
*Number of available series displayed next to tags in search bar
*Ability to sort search results alphabetically or by post date
*Ability to change number of posts displayed in search results
*New tag categories – POV, Story Pacing, Story Setting
*Further updates to submission form
*Improvements to reviews – Ability to rate Writing style & Story added
*Harem & Sexual content split in to multiple tags
*New option to contest incorrect tags, added to tag suggestion form at bottom of page


*4 new series added
*Update to the submission form with new tags
*Completion status tags separated out to be easier to view
*Removal of ability to suggest tags in review
*Ability to suggest further tags, added to bottom of series page above review section