Chris Hechtl – The Wandering Engineer

Chris Hechtl – The Wandering Engineer

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3.98 / 5

Series Summary

It it always darkest before the dawn. For 713 years the scattered survivors of the Xeno-Federation war have known this. Sol and the core star systems are gone.
The scattered survivors on far flung worlds and space colonies must try to survive a universe gone mad. They have spent that time scratching an existence out of whatever they could. Those trapped aboard surviving space colonies waited until the parts failed and life support was snuffed out.
But a free trader with an all female crew are about to change things. Fleeing a pirate they will stumble across a relic from their distant past. When that lifepod opened they will begin the journey back into the light of a New Dawn.


{NOTE}{The author has multiple arcs and series within this universe, it’s difficult to keep track of them, so you will need to do some research before picking up this series to determine reading order etc. See excerpt from reddit below on where to start}

{There are multiple series, base on timeline, characters, space sectors. Details sectors’s maps are on wiki + facebook fan group, you can goolge them.

Series Founding federation (6 books): from first landing on Mars to first contact, the founding of galactic federation.

Ragnarok (3 books): golden time and the end of federation.

Wandering Engineer (7 books): 1000 years after Ragnarok. You can start here without reading 2 series above.

Federation reborn (7 books): continue of wandering engineer, main storyline. As fleets and war spreading out Rho sector, there are side series to keep up:

Shelby Logan Chronicles (7 books): she is introduced in late book of wandering engineer. Focus on her action in main Rho sector, and her expedition fleet to Tau sector.

Horatio Logan Chronicle (4 books): father of Shelby, his story focused on journey, political fight in secret star system + Pi sector.

Adventure in Pi (2 books): side story about merchant ship that rescued MC in wandering engineer. Mix with events from Horatio series.

Jethro (7 books): focus on space marine and ground warfare.

Pirate Hunt ( 1 book atm): after end of book 7 in federation reborn, small federation task force sent to Sigma sector to hunt pirate.

There are also standalone series about other side, less important characters.}

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