Christopher Johns – High Table Hijinks

Christopher Johns – High Table Hijinks

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4.44 / 5

Series Summary

A temple desecrated. Sealed paths opened. Let the hijinks begin!

Sergeant Marcus Bola and his platoon flew to a newly uncovered temple in the desert while deployed overseas; an unheard-of mission. Something in the ruined holy place had killed many, and the survivors met an unfortunate ambush just before reaching safety. The attack left Marcus wounded and medically discharged from the only life he’s known… but something wasn’t right. None of it was.

Laying low and waiting for answers, Marcus decides tending bar is as good a way to stay afloat and off the radar. Turns out slinging cocktails, singing karaoke, and talking to the patrons isn’t as easy as he thought it would be: gods, monsters, and devils are showing up to try the mixers.

The vessel has been chosen. Something inside him is calling the shots–and we’re not talking about tequila!

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