Cinnamon Blossom – The Black Book: A Christmas Story

Cinnamon Blossom – The Black Book: A Christmas Story

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Christmas this year was going to be different from the past sixteen for Gina. How could it not be? With the family finally fleeing from an abusive alcoholic father, Christmas was likely to be spent in a hotel room somewhere on the cross-country route to Grandma’s — if they even make it that far.

But when Mom’s friend turns out to have magic and the family of five lands in a new world … magic and miracles aren’t limited to merely crossing The Veil. Gina, who had only recently started experimenting with a name she had chosen for herself rather than the “Reggie” she had been born with, now had a new body to match her identity.

The Black Book is a slow-paced, cozy, slice-of-life, short story with a young protagonist discovering and reaffirming her place in her family.

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