D. D. Webb – Only Villains Do That

D. D. Webb – Only Villains Do That

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4.29 / 5

Series Summary

On a typical day, on an average train platform, two warring sister goddesses found their avatars. One avatar, the young Yoshi, was swept away to the world of Ephemera to be a great hero of honor, courage, and light. The other, the not-so-young Seiji, was swept away to become a dark lord out to kill or conquer all in his path.

But Seiji is in absolutely no mood for that nonsense. It’s bad enough that on Earth he was a closed-off, misanthropic grouch with zero patience for other people. Now he’s supposed to muster enough of a give-a-damn to lead vile hordes, crush Yoshi, and take all of Ephemera as his own? No thanks. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice.

Seiji’s patron goddess wants results, and if he doesn’t deliver, she’s going to take a serious interest in discovering his pain, suffering, and overall misery threshold. But just because he doesn’t care about people, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care whether they suffer by his own hand. After all, just because you’re the embodiment of ultimate evil doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it.

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