D.E. Olesen – Firebrand

D.E. Olesen – Firebrand

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He seeks only peace.
His Gift makes him a weapon.

Martel’s only ambition is to become a Weathermage, able to ensure good harvest and prosperity for his family. But he’ll have to graduate from the Imperial School of Magic first.

A few problems. Martel is from a rural farming village. He has no experience with the harsh and deceitful ways of the imperial capital. And there are plenty who would take advantage of his naivety to see him fail, from fellow students to masters.

Plus, he’s twice as old as the typical novices, having spent his childhood hiding his gift for magic out of fear. And he’s of Tyrian descent, who once stood as enemies of the Empire and are still treated by many Imperials as such.

But they all underestimate him at their own risk.

For Martel is fire-touched. A power so rare that if he were found out, the Empire would force him to join their endless wars… And he’d rather not be forced to unleash it…

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