D.R. Rosier – Dark Dungeon


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D.R. Rosier – Dark Dungeon

LitRPG & GameLit Completed - Written Mature ContentGraphic Sex ScenesHaremSensitive Content 3 Book(s)

Nurien wakes up in a crystal prison, a soul stone, and has no idea what happened to him, or what he is or was. It takes him a while to figure things out.

A dungeon imp eventually shows up to tell him what he is, a dark dungeon, and to help him learn and grow. Problem is, it doesn’t take long for him to figure out that things aren’t quite matching up to little Ebony’s expectations. Luckily, he has some other help in his head, another soul trapped in the crystal prison with him. Unluckily, that help is a power-hungry demoness from hell.

He’s got a lot to learn if he’s going to survive and prosper, but most of all, who the hell was he, and what?

EbookKindle Unlimited Dungeon    Dungeon CoreHaremKingdom / Base Builder Lead Male Dungeon Core Abilities First Person Graphic Sex Scenes

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