David Sanchez-Ponton – Dungeon Heart

David Sanchez-Ponton – Dungeon Heart

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4.46 / 5

Series Summary

The Emperor of the Forge, Sage of Stones—meaningless titles in the face of death.

After more than seven hundred years, he was expecting a peaceful and lonely end to his long life. That, however, was not meant to be. A single choice changed his fate, and his soul was forced to live again as a dungeon. Reborn but shackled to the heart of a mountain, this old soul has lost everything—and more.

In a world of gods and demons, there is no room for a weak newborn dungeon. Now with a new name, Smit and his creations will have to carve out their own place. The path may be long and dangerous, but with a soul hardier than stone and a will stronger than iron, will he be able to forge his own destiny?

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