Dosvidaniya – The Assassin at the Academy

Dosvidaniya – The Assassin at the Academy

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3.92 / 5

Series Summary

On a world where humans gain skills and reset them to advance, the Gods grant abilities to aid them. And in this world, a young assassin prodige named Riley pursues the dream of learning magic from the Royal Academy rather than becoming an assassin. Can Riley keep that dream? What will the young nobles do when they learn there is an assassin in their midst? And how will those choices impact their kingdom?


This is the story of one of my beauties ending a king’s reign while looking fabulous! Black and brooding is overrated! ~ Goddess of Beauty.

This is the story of me having some fun, getting some laughs, and causing lots of drama. Who doesn’t love drama? ~ God of Mischief.

This is the story of a young soul finding themself. ~ God of Disguise.

This is a story. Stories contain knowledge. Ergo, you should read it. ~ Goddess of Knowledge.

This is the story of other gods causing me problems while I try to teach a promising assassin. ~ God of Death.

What the condemnation is wrong with all of you? ~ God of the Hunt.

This story will play around with the nobility class, politics, and power. It draws from Game of Thrones as inspiration. Unlike Game of Thrones, this will focus on moves made by young nobles who are just wading into the murky waters. It may also have random thoughts that I decided to explore. There will be comedic elements because of that. It is a slow burn where the primary protagonist slowly gains power. The Academy starts at chapter fourteen. It’ll be chapter twenty three before you see Riley enter the world of nobility.

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