DreamTickler – Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster


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DreamTickler – Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature Content 1100 Pages

In a world corrupted by treachery and ambition, Thorian Steelblade was a fearsome leader, on the brink of conquering the capital and etching his family’s name into history. But betrayal came from within, leaving him broken and defeated. In his final moment, Thorian unleashed a devastating self-destruction spell to ensure his enemies shared his fate.

However, Thorian awakens to find himself alive, but far from victorious. Transformed into a weak, white-furred creature called a White Kobold, he is lost and alone in an unfamiliar land. Stripped of his power and his kingdom, Thorian must navigate through a world where humans and monsters vie for supremacy. Can the fallen lion rise up from the dredges of being reincarnated as a mere dog, grasping back his former glory? Or will he fall to the depths of despair and the treacherous darkness of this world?

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Reincarnation (Non-Human)Isekai/TransmigrationKingdom / Base BuilderReincarnation Lead Male OP (Over Powered) Third Person

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