Dzzt – Bear Station

Dzzt – Bear Station

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4.25 / 5

Series Summary

Janus is a junior college student who wants nothing more than to prove himself. The world has undergone great changes; humanity has moved below ground in an effort to survive. But, tensions are mounting. Levels and statistics now govern everyday life. Mankind has adapted to their new circumstances, using the System to replace the technology they lost.

A semblance of normalcy has finally settled on the people below ground. But threats continue to loom from the surface.

Janus finally gets his shot for greatness. A strange skill he received as a child has caught the eye of a legendary delver — an explorer who braves the depths of dungeons in search of glory. Follow Janus as he navigates a hostile and unforgiving world. Will he rise from the furnace of his trials tempered and prepared for even greater hardships?

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