E.M.Griffiths – The Newt and Demon

E.M.Griffiths – The Newt and Demon

Series Rating
4.27 / 5

Series Summary

Earth is dying. The sun is expanding at an uncontrollable rate, but Theo Spencer is alright with this. He’s led a deplorable life. When the end comes, a mysterious entity grants him the gift of reincarnation. The gift of a quiet life as an alchemist.

Theo awakens in a small town in the southern reaches of a small kingdom in a non-human body. Broken Tusk doesn’t seem like much, but his legendary alchemy skills will soon turn their fortune.

Join Theo on his journey to turn the swamp-town of Broken Tusk into a prosperous trade town. This story contains no romantic elements, no combat, and minimal bad vibes. From the start, to the finish, it’s all alchemy all the time.

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