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E.M. Hardy – Aberrant Farmer

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio 2 Book(s)

Conscription and death. That is the sword of Damocles hanging over every peasant’s head. As the realm gets overrun by bloodthirsty Beasts, every family has to pitch in.

And so, to spare his father and siblings, Ferren offers to be the one from their household to join the king’s army.

The first few months in the garrison are spent learning the basics of combat and going through the training drills. But during an escort mission, Ferren’s convoy is attacked and his right arm ripped off by a ferocious monster.

By some miracle, Ferren survives the ordeal and is sent back home, at the borderlands, to nurse his wounds. How is he going to help on the farm now with just his left hand? Worry begins to settle in, especially with the way his missing limb starts itching and burning.

Soon, he is shocked to find dark purple scales growing on his skin, and his stump getting bigger and bigger by the day. In a matter of a few weeks, a new arm has regrown. But not just any kind of arm. Looks like, somehow, he inherited some of the powers from the Beast he encountered, and he can now change his arm into any tool or weapon he’s familiar with. Not only that, he will learn he can also gain new abilities and forms for his arm by killing more monsters.

Ferren will use his newfound skills to help with the family farm, but also to protect them and the people living nearby as the waves of attacks increase in frequency and intensity. But will that be enough?

EbookMale NarratorKindle UnlimitedAudio Book Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Lead Male Power Stealing/Copying Third Person

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