Eibon Ethos – Genesis: A Dungeon Core Story


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Eibon Ethos – Genesis: A Dungeon Core Story

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Elysia is a new dungeon core in the vast Realm, a ring of mountains filled with various magical valleys and three human kingdoms. As they learn to use their native abilties to shape the land and create life, it becomes aware and interested in the world outside of it’s Domain. Being unable to leave and only expand Elysia works towards a plan. To create creatures and make them Adventurers, mercenaries that travel and see the world. Meanwhile the world is facing the plans of an old Shaman turned Blood Mage who has been long planning the end of the Kingdoms of the Realm. When a dungeon core’s protective nature and a centuries old plot collide the future of the Realms will be decided.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Dungeon    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Dungeon CoreKingdom / Base Builder Dungeon Core Abilities First Person

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