Elessar44 & KrazeKode – System Reset: Forged in Nightmare


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Elessar44 & KrazeKode – System Reset: Forged in Nightmare

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature Content 300 Pages

Alex Smith had many regrets. A dead end minimum wage job, an estranged sister, and friends that had left him behind. Then the apocalypse happened and fantasy became reality. Except… Alex’s reality did not change.

After 15 long years surviving the Integration, his life came to an end against an enemy he could never hope to beat. But when fate sends him back to the very beginning, Alex is faced with a choice.

[Welcome to the Nightmare Tutorial]

He will not hold back this time

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Post-Apocalypse    Isekai/TransmigrationRegression Lead Male Third Person

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