EmergencyComplaints – The God Machine

EmergencyComplaints – The God Machine

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A scrappy young off-worlder fights for his life while searching for his missing family in this thrilling LitRPG fantasy series from the author of Ascendant.

When Luke Bennet wakes in a world where time flows differently than it does on Earth, he discovers his family, gone missing over the last year, has been dead for a hundred years here. Left to survive in the wilderness as marmots, murderous goblins, giant spiders, and a two-ton raccoon all try to kill him, Aros’s latest off-worlder must depend on his newly acquired System to help him level up and live to fight another day.

When Luke finally wends his way to civilization, the locals think he’s a Guardian—whatever that means. Soon he’s brawling in a fight club to earn his keep and hone his skills. But danger finds him both in and outside the ring, and now the dreaded inquisitors are on his tail. With the beautiful, sharp-tongued Zea by his side, he’ll have to up his stats and locate the God Machine as quickly as possible if he wants to bring his family back.

But nothing’s as it appears in this new city, and Luke’s own System seems to be trying to manipulate him. If he can’t trust it, who can he trust?

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