Emilie Millie aka Steeve N – They Who Slither Through the Stars

Emilie Millie aka Steeve N – They Who Slither Through the Stars

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In the dream-like realm of Ainerax, where divine, ghostly, and nightmarish remnants left behind by a forgotten battle between gods and dragons await the day they can return to their former glory.

This realm, spanning land, sky, and sea, is inhabited by awakened and enlightened mythical creatures—beings that have inherited or encountered these remnants of peculiar origins, gaining power beyond mortal comprehension.

Across Ainerax’s habitable surface, which boasts seven moons and nine suns, the few tranquil lands are populated by Odoes, Arbians, and Ancient Arbians. Their paths and destinies are shaped by these fallen god remnants.

In Ainerax, those born or even created to follow a predestined path are known as either “Lords of Old” or “Godsends” by their ordinary counterparts. They are not heroes. They will live, serve, and die—some in broad daylight, some in obscurity.

Their existence is solely to follow a predetermined path, fighting for a dream that isn’t even their own.

Some will be forsaken, rejected by the very path the divine intended for them. Only an exceedingly rare few will forge a path entirely of their own creation.

This isn’t a tale set in a post-apocalyptic world. This isn’t a tale about how our protagonist prevents its precipice, either. This is a tale of how our protagonist sets the world ablaze.

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