Eric J. Vann – The Seeded Realms

Eric J. Vann – The Seeded Realms

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4.29 / 5

Series Summary

In the world of Kadora, a new power awakens…

Trapped and alone, Aziel is the greatest secret the Caelian Empire ever kept. For centuries he has been imprisoned as empires turned to dust and the world of Kadora changed around him—only to be released at last by Celia, a beautiful succubus.

As Aziel faces a race against time and struggles to master his immense powers, he must gather together his own group of loyal followers. It will take all the wit and counsel he can muster to navigate an unfamiliar world balanced on a knife’s edge as a rival kingdom moves to claim the Central Wilds, the land he now inhabits…

If Aziel fails, then those who have placed their trust in him—including the fiery succubus Celia and loyal Astrel, the queen of an ancient race—will pay the ultimate price. So begins a race to build a new home. But who—or what—is ultimately controlling this world? And does it want Aziel to succeed?

Combining minor elements of LitRPG with a tantalizing mystery, SOUL WEAVER is the action-packed tale of a world on the brink of great change that will leave fantasy fans hungry for more.

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