ErraticErrata – A Practial Guide To Evil


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ErraticErrata – A Practial Guide To Evil

Non-LitRPG Completed - Written Mature Content 7 Book(s)

Catherine Foundling has a plan.

She’ll join the Legions of Terror that occupy her homeland and work her way up the ladder until she can effect the kind of changes the former Kingdom of Callow so badly needs. Yet after a night gone from bad to worse she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by the right hand of the Empress, the infamous Black Knight: to become his apprentice and learn the business of villainy from one of the most dangerous men in Creation. It’s probably a trap, but when has that ever stopped her? For the sake of the land of her birth, she is more than willing to get her hands dirty. They say the first step on the path to the Tower is the hardest.

Considering the amount of people already trying to kill her, ‘they’ might have a point.


A Practical Guide to Evil is a fantasy series about a young girl named Catherine Foundling making her way through the world – though, in a departure from the norm, not on the side of the heroes. Is there such a thing as doing bad things for good reasons, or is she just rationalizing her desire for control? Good and Evil are tricky concepts, and the more power you get the blurrier the lines between them become.

Web NovelOther Webnovel Comedy   Grimdark    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    MilitaryPoliticsRomanceSuperheroes/VillainsWeak to Strong Lead FemaleBisexualLGBT+ Magic General AbilitiesElemental MagicShadow Manipulation Anti-heroEvilRuthless Light Progression First Person Medium Paced Mixed Solo/Party No Stats Intimacy

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