F.L. Riley – Renewal and Rebirth


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F.L. Riley – Renewal and Rebirth

Non-LitRPG Hiatus Mature Content 5 Book(s)

Jai survives smugglers, assassins, Cultivators, and petty young masters.

She has progressed to the Qi Gathering Realm for cultivation and claimed her barony as a reward.

Now it’s time to make the most of the Heavenly opportunities she has encountered.

“For those unfamiliar with my writing style, Second Chances was my first attempt at writing.  I’m not sure how much I learned in the process, except that readers get angry when you mess with characters they like!

Warnings – I tend to info dump.  I know I do this, I like slice of life novels that take time to unfold.  So don’t expect action, murder, and battles in every chapter, it isn’t going to happen.

I prefer the first-person narrative.  I will do an occasional POV shift, but it will never be done mid-chapter.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    ProfessionAlchemyEastern CultivationReincarnation (Other Person)CultivationIsekai/TransmigrationMartial ArtsReincarnationWuxia / Xianxia Lead Female Magic General AbilitiesMelee General AbilitiesElemental Magic Has Familiar/Pets Light Progression First Person Medium Paced Solo Focus No Stats

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