Fatomir – The Dramatic Dungeon

Fatomir – The Dramatic Dungeon

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In a world where Elves and Goblins are real, where Wizards and Witches cast terrible and powerful magic, where [Lvl. 100 Hero]s lead parties to fight one great and menacing evil or another, Dungeons are essential.

Those places of challenge, of exploration, of hardships and triumphs, are where stories are written, loot acquired, legends born and bonds of eternal friendship forged.

And I… am a Dungeon.

So, come one, come all, to the “Stage of Forgotten Fables”, and let me, the Playwright, show you a story, like none you have experienced before.


The stage is set, after all, for a dramatic Dungeon Delve!


This Story is a Dungeon Core Story, delivered from the perspective of said Dungeon Core, “The Playwright”. The LitRPG elements of Levels and Skills, Classes and XP are all there, but there are no “Stats” or “HP” (at least they are not measured or displayed) and there are no numbers to crunch (other than Level or Skill level, but those don’t crunch so good). It is fairly slow burn as well.

I aim to shift the perspective quite a bit, to show the characters growth from multiple POVs, but I am a novice writer and this is my first story, so don’t expect anything fancy.

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