Flossindune – 100th Run

Flossindune – 100th Run

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The world was not a peaceful place when the system fell upon it, but there was a peace in the silence brought about in its wake.

Anthony Franklin was a business major at the time of Earth’s induction. At first confused by the changes his environment had undergone, of the rules and formulas the system operated by, and of the patrons who seemingly gambled on the lives and stakes of his new world, Anthony struggled through to the end.

Upon reaching the halls of Esaraphelscion, the Angel of the End, he discovered the grand prize of his victory over the system, and rejected it. What he wanted was something that he could not obtain. At least, not yet.

Purchasing the Ouroboros Tattoo from the Endgame Shop, Anthony went back to the beginning when the system first bared its fangs at the world. He did so again, and again, and again despite the risks constant regression does to his mental state.

Now, Anthony has all the knowledge he needs to clear the obstacles in his path and save as many people as he possibly can. While his intentions are noble, the same could not be said of his methods, and now he has to cope with the knowledge that nothing he does is reversible any longer.

This is the story of his last run.

The story of his 100th Run.

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