Furious Scribe – Source & Soul

Furious Scribe – Source & Soul

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Hull is living on the streets of the Capital, scrabbling to survive. He’s sure that if he can just find a card that he can use, things will turn around and he’ll start building a deck that will let him take revenge on the ones who have wronged him. It’s hard to get started, though, when the only cards he can use come from the Demon Realm.

Basil might be a noble, but the third son of the baronet in charge of the City Watch doesn’t exactly have his pick of the King’s Card Reserves. If only he can shine at the Rising Stars Tournament, he can enter the War College and finally raise his soul to Rare and step out of his older brothers’ shadow.

When these two young men duel, they will set each other on a path to greatness that neither could ever imagine. In a world where every good and great soul leaves a card behind, the one with the most cards has the most power…and can maybe, just maybe, do the most good. The Orc tribes gather on the horizon and other enemies gather unseen to unseat the Legendary Sun King of the Capital. Great heroes will clash; some will fall and others will rise. Wherever they think the peak of power may be, they’re wrong. It’s always higher.


Inspired by Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and other collectible card games, as well as more recent LitRPGs like All the Skills and Goblin Summoner, Source & Soul is a deckbuilding progression fantasy that scratch that gamer itch and give you an epic story at the same time. Here’s what you can expect from this story:

Fully-realized duels: Friends, this is an actual card game with its own mechanics and card set. Hopefully one day I can make an IRL version of it! In the meantime, though, I am playing through all the matches described in this book. How the match plays out in the real world determines how the book gets written. 

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